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There are NO Laws or Health Department regulations that state anything about requiring footwear anywhere. Anyone suggesting such "laws" are wrong and ignorant to the truth. No person or company shall have the right to refuse service to a barefoot person for any reason; its arbitrary.  In the state of California, arbitrary discrimination is a violation of "The Unruh Civil Rights Act." California Civil Code, section 51



Arbitrary Discrimination is common and would be like telling someone they had to wear gloves or a hat, because they Think it looks better. Just because someone dresses differently or has a barefoot lifestyle doesn't justify discrimination. If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against, we would like to know and could talk to the individual or company. We're here to help.


The Truth -

Health Department letter stating there's NO law against even food handlers going barefoot!


Why this Practice is a Sure Beautifier of the Body

The reason for this is, of course, that through the soles of the feet, which are the best absorbers of the finest of solar energy, these young bodies had been drinking in the very strength of our sun's body while his heat was being radiated from the asphalt or Downs, which were simply charged with it. And so it came to pass that very soon their bodies were charged through and through with the most potent of all physical vivifiers; every call was alive with its virtue, and, through the intensity and swiftness of these vibrations, the activity of the whole economy of their nature was so heightened that really wondrous effects in the beauty of health were soon evident to all who had seeing eyes.

"Oh, the joy of touching the earth! Oh, the delight to feel your tread, your grip of earth!" was the invariable utterance of every initiate after the first assay.

And so it truly is, for the earth loves the tread of the human foot, and the foot loves the contact of the earth. For here, I feel, there is a very serious service of Love. Ay, every tread of the bare foot of man or beast is to the body of Demeter, our good Mother-Earth, as a kiss of filial love, and is grateful to her. And through this tread we give to her of our human virtues or magnetisms and she, in return, gives us of her virtues even in her kiss.

For she loves those who love her body. Ay, she loves and blesses them well. And she gives them all the choicest good they are able to receive from her rich bounty. And they are blessed indeed.

Thus do we receive through the bare foot, not only the finest of the sun's energy, but also the virtues of the body of our earth in all its manifold richness and power. Much would I now say concerning this were I qualified. But I am no physicist in the ordinary sense of the schools, and I leave it to those who are qualified to do so. But the physicist who can so discourse must be, first, a free lover of Nature, and, also, an open- minded student of the finer forces of her life, both occult and manifest. To such I can surely promise in this realm an inexhaustible wealth of beauty whose sane sweetness will never cease to fascinate and satisfy.

Such are the rewards Truth offers to her lovers. And only such lovers are worthy of the name of Scientist.

Excerpt From

The Barefoot League



Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00

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Forever Barefoot wants to Educate people about the Benefits and Rights of the Lifestyle. Many doctors have stated that its good for your health to go barefoot everywhere. Some people go barefoot for spiritual reasons to be closer to God, the earth, nature, the universe.

Excerpt from the Barefoot League -

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